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Wed Mar 5 18:52:32 MST 2003

John Paramo wrote:
>But people like
>Eisntein, or Freud or many others were at the cutting
>edge of scientific work at their times.

It makes about as much sense to mention Einstein and Freud in the same
breath as it does to mention Stephen Jay Gould and Indiana Jones. Science
proceeds on the basis of controlled laboratory experiments. The reason
Freud's "theories" are no longer taken seriously is that their
practitioners refused to subject them to the same standards as any other
scientific questions, double-blind studies, etc. Beyond their refusal to do
this, we have to deal with another important issue in the theory itself.
Freudianism represents a kind of biological determinism that is utterly at
odds with historical materialism. The notion that adult unhappiness (I
hesitate to use the word neurosis) is determined by infant sexuality is a
kind of sociobiology where the genitals takes on the importance that genes
take on in Stephen Pinker et al.

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