Join April 1 march in DC for affirmative action

Fred Feldman ffeldman at
Thu Mar 6 03:34:34 MST 2003

This action (initiated by BAMN or By Any Means Necessary)  is one that the
antiwar movement and especially the student contingents, busy as we are,
should support strongly.  There should be contingents that link the war, the
broader attacks on democratic rights and education, and the fight of Black
and Latino students for full equality in deed as well as word.
Fred Feldman
Civil Rights March to the Supreme Court Defend Affirmative Action and
Save Brown v. Board of Education!

On April 1, thousands of high school and college students will march through
the streets of Washington, DC to the U.S. Supreme Court demanding that the
high court uphold affirmative action in the University of Michigan cases.
These two cases represent a turning point in regard to race relations and
our entire society. This is a struggle for integration and equality in
education and throughout American life. Now is the time to stand up.

Affirmative action is a desegregation plan for higher education. If
affirmative action is barred, higher education in America will be
resegregated. Already, integration plans in K-12 education have been
across the country. As a result, segregation in K-12 education increased

A VICTORY AT THE SUPREME COURT will open up a new struggle for progress
towards integration and equality in education and throughout American
society. A victory will present a better opportunity than we have had for
generations to reconcile the segregated, unequal reality of our educational
system with the hope and pride that the overwhelming majority of Americans
all races feel in the prospect of integration and equality.

A DEFEAT would outlaw any and all active integrationist measures in this
society, without which there has never been and can never be any prospect of
genuine integration. If positive integrationist measures are barred, Brown
Board of Education will be a dead letter.

An unprecedented, public divide between President Bush and Secretary of
Colin Powell over the University of Michigan affirmative action policies
illustrates the peculiar importance of these cases. The outcome of this
struggle teeters on a razor's edge between victory and defeat. Your voice
your organizing can tip the balance. Only this civil rights march can
guarantee victory in these critical cases. We have a little over two months
to force a positive change in history.

BEGIN ORGANIZING a contingent from your school, trade union, church, or
community organization immediately. Do not wait to hear back from us. Spread
the word about the march; take the pledge and call to action (see below);
email everyone you know, all your friends and relatives. Tell them this
historic turning point demands their voice.

Now is the time to affiliate your organization to BAMN or form a local
chapter of BAMN (Guidelines this are found in points #1 & 2 in the BAMN

The new civil rights movement must meet either victory or defeat at the
Supreme Court with a greatly expanded fight to make real the promise of
v. Board of Education - the long-deferred promise of integration and

Please contact us with any ideas or questions. Please forward this
information everywhere. Together, we can win.

See "WHAT YOU CAN DO" to organize and spread the word!
Download and post the POSTER
Circulate and sign the PLEDGE
Circulate and sign the PETITION
SPONSOR A STUDENT to be at the march
Help us get the NAACP and AFL-CIO on board for the march now!
Adapt this SAMPLE RESOLUTION to present to any organizations you are a part
of to endorse and build the march

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