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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Mar 6 07:17:23 MST 2003

James Daly wrote:
> Dear Jacob
> the lights are going out all over the world...

Last night I dreamed I was in Baghdad and the war had started. I was
there on the same kind of business (technical support) that brought me
to Nicaragua in 1987. I was driving around with young Iraqis, who were
engineers and computer programmers, watching the skies. Then, the tops
of office buildings began to be hit by Cruise Missiles. In a fashion
reminiscent of the WTC, the top 10 floors or so would then break off and
come crashing to the ground carrying their occupants with them. Then, as
a civilian airliner a missle struck it. It spiraled burning to the
ground. Just after it crashed, as an American jet followed the same path
an Iraqi soldier on the ground fired an shoulder-launched ground-to-air
missile and hit the jet. I woke up, turned on the radio to hear Don Imus
interviewing Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd. Dodd said that the
nuclear confrontation with North Korea is more alarming than anything in
50 years or so. No wonder I have bad dreams, when reality is such a


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