Student antiwar protests

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Thu Mar 6 07:41:57 MST 2003

Students Across U.S. Mount Antiwar Protests
Thousands More Abroad Rally in Solidarity With 'Books Not Bombs' Campaign

By Robert E. Pierre
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, March 6, 2003; Page A16

CHICAGO, March 5 -- J.S. Irick, shivering in only his underwear, chained
himself to a flagpole and smeared his body with red paint to represent
blood. Scores flung themselves on the student union floor to dramatize
the innocent Iraqis they say will die if the United States invades that
country. More than 1,000 others skipped classes and trekked through
several inches of snow this afternoon for an antiwar "teach-in" at the
University of Chicago's Rockefeller chapel.

The acts of defiance on this campus were part of a coast-to-coast effort
in which thousands of high school and college students cut class, read
poetry, performed skits and played loud rock music to try to halt what
they view as an irrational march toward war in Iraq.

More than 300 high schools and colleges participated in the protest,
characterized as a national student strike. Thousands of students in
Britain, Sweden, Spain and Australia rallied in solidarity with their
counterparts in the United States, who wanted to highlight the effects
of war on domestic issues, including education, health care and the

Many, like Irick, argued that spending billions to wage war will result
in deaths and do little to enhance U.S. security. "I like feeling and
sleeping safe as much as anyone else," said Irick, 21, a junior computer
science major. "But what we're doing isn't helping that. I'm just trying
to get people thinking."



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