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Natalie Corvington natalie_anne75 at
Thu Mar 6 10:31:31 MST 2003

I'm not sure I understand: if Freud can be discounted for making
biologically determinant statements about the aggressive nature of man,
surely Marx could be dismissed for his occassional slips into discussing the
weak nature of the female which makes her unsuitable to work long hours.  I
find this just as offensive as the theory of penis envy.  I also wonder
which of our assumptions today will cause our entire theories to be
dismissed.  Is this fair?  Everyone of that era had certain prejudices, but
does this make their entire body of theory null?  I also think it's a little
presumptive to cite the leeching of fortunes by psychoanalyists in order to
debunk the theory.  That would be like saying that the practices of the
French CP have shown just how worthless Marx really is.

Maybe it's true that too much of Freud's theory was based on his repressive
models of integration into the social order to be salvagable, as the
schizoanalysists think.  But I'm finding a lot of use for Freud's "The
Uncanny" in talking about German Surrealist Hans Bellmer's dolls: maybe this
means my research is "unscientific."  I guess I can't care too much since
the rhetoric of science is used to justify entirely subjective perspectives
all the time.

Natalie Corvington

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