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Thu Mar 6 14:08:16 MST 2003

Thanks for your informed and useful replies to my initial question, esp
Louis P and John Paramo (to which I'll reply present).

re Freud and the surrealists --

as I recall, the surrealists were praised for being pioneers in their "use"
of Freud in some quarters, and damned for this "use" (perceived to be a
"mis-use" - perhaps akin to the religious/mystical obscurantism Trotsky
objected to) in other quarters.

re Freud's "best before" date --

my experience is that Freud remains a factor in, if not a literal basis for,
progressive thought. - not least via (since i've already blackened my name
with louis on this one) lacan and zizek.

i agree with natalie corvington when she says "Everyone of that era had
certain prejudices, but
does this make their entire body of theory null?" -- after all, 100+ years
on, few still approach Darwin "literally" (except in Texas where the initial
approach has yet to be achieved, by all reports)

regards -


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