Christopher Hill (as the nth man)

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Thu Mar 6 19:41:53 MST 2003

>>What role could you play as a 'secret member'?<<

While I share your general sentiments, the fact is that when doing research
for a book on the Communist Party of Australia, I meet someone who had been
a secret member, and told me so. He was operating inside the Labor Party,
which had proscribed the Communists.

Oddly enough, the party also had at least one secret ex-member. I
discovered in a newspaper article sometime around 1990 that Laurie
Carmichael, a well known left union leader, had not been a member since
about 1981. And this seems to have been kept quiet; I guess he didn't want
to be a member any more but neither did he want anti-Communists gloating
over his decision. I can relate to that.

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