Hudson_Mohawk Indy Media video of Feb 15 in NYC

Jon Flanders Jon_Flanders at
Thu Mar 6 20:33:11 MST 2003

I just got back from the Troy, NY, premiere showing of the Hudson-Mohawk
Indy Media video of the NYC Feb 15 anti-war rally.

This video is a collaborative effort of some 15 to 20 film-makers, which
I can report is a smashing success, made even more impressive by the
less than two weeks time they took to put it together.

The video follows Capital District of New York participants to New York
City on the buses and train, where they mingle with the thousands of
protestors that brought the city to a standstill.

The footage they collectively garnered in the city is the highlight of
the film. Most of us who attended this historic action had only one pair
of eyes to take in a vast mural of people in motion. The Hudson-Mohawk
video increases our field of vision ten-fold.

Artfully cutting from news reports, to crowd scenes, to interviews with
protestors, the H-M film-makers let the people tell the story, and what
a story it is, full of drama, fury, pathos, humor, and ultimately hope.

Compared to this, how weak, thin and shabby does our capitalist mass
media seem! The video of the Hudson-Mohawk Indy Media group deserves the
widest possible circulation. Copies  are available for a donation of

Jon Flanders

The Hudson-Mohawk Indy Media web sit is:

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