Why I'm NOT signing the Moveon.org UN Petition

Sabri Oncu soncu at pacbell.net
Thu Mar 6 21:35:56 MST 2003

Jose G. Perez:

> I think it is *typical*  of this wing of the antiwar
> movement that neither in their letter, nor on their
> website (if you follow the links) are you going to find
> one word about the March 5 student strike, the Code Pink
> and other women's actions on March 8, the March 12 day of
> labor protests, or the March 15 convergence protest at the
> White House.

I know the husband and wife who are behind moveon.org. Their kid
and mine used to go to same kindergarten. They are just "normal"
Americans. Did not particularly liked them nor disliked them.

I don't think I would choose to be friends with them though.

They were just boring, very boring.



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