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Fri Mar 7 07:30:56 MST 2003

FBI Agent Rowley Sends Antiwar Message

Well, I am a busy boy tonight. Here's another one. I had read news
reports of Rowley's new missive to her boss, but now I just read the
whole thing. It is a very clever antiwar document in the "I come not to
praise Caesar, but to bury him" mode. Rowley exposes the FBI and the
Bush administration for its inconsistency, hypocrisy and cynicism in its
arrests, terror alerts, etc., at the same time pointing out that a war
on Iraq has nothing to do with any "fight against terrorism." The
captive media did not pick up on this, but I don't think that it is
because her argument is too subtle. I think that they are afraid to show
that even the bureaucrats are beginning to revolt against the move to war.

The following article indicates that she made the letter public out of a
"matter of conscience." However, it seems clear that it was written from
the beginning as a political document. It will be interesting to see
what she does when she resigns from the FBI.


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