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> Just when I thought it was safe to read posts from John O'Neill he
> sends this emetic about sectarianism. When I looked up his source, the
> [British] Economic and Social Research Council, I found: This research
> is funded by the Office of the First Minister/Office of the Deputy
> First Minister in Northern Ireland.
James,  you always make me work so hard! Emetic? I hope the tummy is ok.
I assume the BESRC is similar to the ESRI in the Republic? If so, I have
used certain reports/research  from them to back up arguements in the past.
It 's not unusual to do so if the report in question backs up what you are
being told is actually happening.

> We know that David Trimble wants to get rid of Sinn Fein [aka power
> sharing]. When he received his egregiously undeserved Nobel Peace
> Prize [of course they are rubbish anyway] he made a speech against
> power sharing, claiming that the state should not be concerned with
> "ethnic divisions" but only with "citizens" -- in other words, he
> expressed his preference for a return to majority rule, to what a
> Prime Minister of the former Government of Northern Ireland called "a
> Protestant parliament for a Protestant people". Now there's
> sectarianism.

I agree

> The only real alternative to it would be an Irish parliament for an
> Irish people. Unfortunately in the '70s the leadership of the then
> Sinn Fein -- strongly influenced by academics like the one John
> O'Neill quotes now -- sent out a very, very firm directive to all
> PRO's that the words "United Ireland" must not be used -- permitted
> words were "a United Ulster" and "a Greater Ulster".

If you refer to the Officials I would have to say the "70's leadership" is
too broad a generalisation. The leaders in the early 70's were espousing a
completly  different position in the late 70's. The same could be said about
the Provisionals over a longer period.

> If there is to be a six county [N. I.] unit, power sharing is the only
> possible protection for the minority -- which is secular nationalist,
> not sectarian like Trimble's unionist party which has a powerful
> Orange ["religious order"] bloc ex officio on its ruling Council, or
> Paisley's Democratic Unionist Party [democracy = majority rule! -- no,
> seriously, its original name was the Protestant Unionist Party], which
> is going to be voted for in such numbers that Trimble has been able to
> have the coming election postponed

Thats why I have offered critical support to the Agreement.

>The nationalist working-class is
> cornered; a Sinn Fein friend of mine led a highly successful strike of
> lorry [truck] drivers until the loyalists discovered his affiliation
> when he had to disappear and the strike [was] collapsed.

The same could be said about support for the Firefighters strike.

> John recently quoted the Irish Republican politician de Valera's
> famous statement that "Labour must wait" while the electorate decided
> the issue between acceptance and rejection of the Anglo-Irish treaty
> of the '20s. [And it did -- Connolly would not have, but he was dead,
> and trade union organizer Jim Larkin stayed in the States until the
> Civil War over the treaty ended -- when he returned and became the
> loyal opposition to the partition government].

The republicans I know would never call the Devil of Eire one.

> I have already pointed out that John's politics means that the
> beleaguered ghettoes like Ardoyne must wait -- until the Catholic and
> Protestant working classes of the six counties unite hand-in-hand and
> tiptoe through the tulips...

I posted the report on the basis that it reflects experiences of many of my
comrades and friends who live in the North, Ardoyne, Falls Rd, Bawnmore,
Turf Lodge, Twinbrook, Portadown, Derry & Newry.

Better to aspire to working class unity than "comley maidens dancing at the
crossroads." De Valera's Ireland as a vision for our future, now that really
would make you puke,



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