Severe Attack on Gaza - 80 killed in one week

John M Cox coxj at
Fri Mar 7 14:10:37 MST 2003

Severe Attack on the Gaza Strip
7 March, 2003

Gaza Strip hospitals are urgently requesting blood and medical
supplies that under constant Israeli closure they are unable to get.
They have run out of space for all of the dying Palestinians. Israeli
occupation forces have injured 100s of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip
over the past week alone.

This week has been particularly brutal in the Gaza Strip. Under the
violent Israeli occupation Palestinians are held hostage, unable to
get away from invading Israeli soldiers shelling from tanks, firing
from Apaches in the sky, and shooting guns at any Palestinian who is
here. Last night Israeli soldiers invaded the Al Buriej Refugee Camp
in the central Gaza Strip. Israeli soldiers murdered eight
Palestinians and wounded 29. They destroyed five houses, using
dynamite on four. Israeli soldiers killed one 33 year old
pregnant woman inside her home as they blew up the house next door.
Israeli soldiers also invaded the Namsawi area of Khan Younis in the
southern Gaza Strip, killing two Palestinians and wounding 40. The
Israeli military would not allow ambulances to reach the injured, as
is common Israeli military practice. They destroyed nine residential
buildings, six shops, and part of Nasir Hospital.

Day before yesterday when Israeli occupation soldiers invaded the
Jabalyia refugee camp in the north of the Gaza Strip, a man died who
sustained injuries when Israeli soldiers fired missiles from a US
donated Apache helicopter into a Gaza City hospital, killing two

As the Israeli military finished its nine-hour attack on the Jabalyia

Refugee Camp yesterday at 8 am, they shot a tank shell into a small
crowd that had gathered near an ambulance to help put out a fire. A
family was trapped inside and two fire-fighters were spraying the
building with water. Israeli soldiers shot the tank shell at the
fire-fighters and the people standing around. The ambulance driver
was just on one leg trying to help a boy off the ground, many others
were lying on the ground, dead. Two men came running to help the
ambulance driver lift the boy and it was only then that we could see
he had no face left, just blood on the street and a small body.

Two journalists were targeted as well in the morning. None were
allowed in to report on the killings throughout the night. Over 140
Palestinians were injured in this one nights attack. Israeli soldiers
killed 11, three were children. Attacks like this are occuring every
night here in the Gaza Strip at the brutal hands of the Israeli
military government. It is nearly impossible for people here to keep
up with the number dead and the horror they are witnessing. Israeli
soldiers prevented Palestinian ambulances from reaching the people
throughout most of the night. Some people in the camp tell me that
Israeli soldiers were taking the ambulances and using them to
sneak themselves into the camp in order to more easily shoot the

Israeli soldiers have murdered over 80 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

in this week alone. This massacre is expected to continue as the US
openly plans its military invasion and occupation of Iraq.

A friend who is exiled to Gaza City asked his 4 year old son, who is
not allowed by the Israeli military government to visit his father,
"Do you want to come to see me?"

The four year old boy asked, "Will the Israelis shoot me?"

His dad replied, "No, I don't think so."

The boy said, "Oh, they only kill the big people, not the little
ones, right?"

His dad said, "Right."

The boy said, "Okay, I'll come."

A man here told me that there's even less future now than before.
There is nothing to plan for, although today President Arafat, in an
attempt to find someone the butcher Sharon is willing to speak with,
is speaking seriously about Abu Mazen (Mahmud Abas) as Prime
Minister. A guy here just told me, "The US loves him."

Kristen Ess
Gaza Strip
7 March, 2003


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