Announcement of Symposium for November

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Fri Mar 7 17:36:27 MST 2003

> Subject: Announcement of Symposium for November
> Call for Proposals: Environment and Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
> The Suffolk County Community College Committee for Indigenous Research
announces the 3rd Annual symposium, Celebrate, Enlighten, Educate:
Contemporary Native America on Long Island and Beyond, November 5-8, 2003 at
the SCCC Ammerman Campus, Selden, NY. This year's symposium theme is
"Environment and Indigenous Peoples of the Americas."
> Environmentalism is a continuous and current concern for the indigenous
Nations, Bands, Tribes, and Groups throughout the Americas. The call for
proposals, papers, speakers, and videography is open to all academic
disciplines, including but not limited to: anthropology, geography,
literature and english, poetry, biology and ecology, history, sociology,
psychology, philosophy, economics, political science, and communications. We
also encourage those outside the academy to submit your work. Among the
several attendant themes we are interested in presenting are:
> How do indigenous communities effect the environment directly?
> How do the environmental policies and inherent problems of nation-state
governments in the Americas effect indigenous communities?
> What are some action being taken by indigenous communities to improve or
at least act on environmental problems?
> How do multinational corporations affect indigenous communities and their
> How does this issue affect artists, artisans, crafts people, poets, et al?
Do indigenous arts and crafts reflect the environment and/or environmental
> Full academic panels as well as individual papers are welcome. We also
welcome open-themed panels, papers, and videography relevant to indigenous
communities and environmental issues. A day-long film festival of relevant
video is planned for Saturday, Nov.. 8. The committee is also looking to
have a Capstone event on the final evening of the symposium, also Nov. 8.
Indigenous drummers, dancers, singers, instrumentalists, poets, and
humorists are encouraged to submit information. We also welcome the
submission of one-act plays for the Capstone event.
> To allow for audience interaction in the panel portions of the symposium,
> papers, stories, and/or poetry must stay within a 15 minute time-frame.
> Please submit 250-word abstracts for panels and papers, of any style and
> discipline, by July 31, 2003, to the address below (e-mail submissions
> preferred).
> Christina Beard-Moose, Assistant Professor
> Suffolk County Community College
> Department of Social Sciences
> 533 College Rd. H224
> Selden, NY 11784E-Mail: beard_moose at

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