Fox News after Blix report- compare and contrast

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Fri Mar 7 18:24:40 MST 2003

>Given this treatment of Donahue's progressive, anti-war views, it is
>hypocritical for MSNBC to claim that it is hiring Savage merely to "expand
>the marketplace of ideas," provide "a wide range of strong, opinionated
>voices" and "encourage debate."  While hatred of "turd world immigrants"
>is a viewpoint that the news channel seems comfortable promoting,
>progressive criticism of a war with Iraq is too controversial.

This guy Savage is something else. His real name is Michael Wiener (Jewish)
and he has a PhD in ethnobotany. After he was turned down for a job at
Berkeley, he developed resentments against affirmative action. From there,
he evolved into what can legitimately be called a fascist world view.
There's a good article on him at

(You just need to use their 24-hour pass to read the whole thing.)

As comrades have figured out from my references to Don Imus and Howard
Stern, I do listen to talk radio. Partly out of morbid curiosity and partly
to keep track of our enemies, like Madame LaFarge. Despite my taste for
roadside accidents like Imus and Stern, I can't listen to Savage for more
than 5 minutes. He is really an aggressively hateful person who projects
resentment toward anything humane. The last talk show host who sounded like
him was Bob Grant, who was driven from WABC--where most of this scum call
home--after gloating over the death of Ron Brown in an airplane crash.

Savage comes on at 9pm and he is followed at 10pm by two of the weirdest
rightwing personalities you are likely to meet anywhere: Paul Alexander and
John Batchelor. These are two gay guys (one appears to be still in the
closet) who love to interview retired generals. They use "bumpers" between
segments from the film score of "Gladiator" or the "Mars" segment of
Gustave Holst's "The Planets". A typical question for one of the retired
generals: "General McBladder, what do you think it will take to destroy
Iraq's capacity to resist?" Because the interlocutor sounds like Harvey
Fierstein, there is a certain cognitive dissonance involved here.

Some liberal millionaires have discussed putting together a liberal radio
network to challenge WABC and similar outlets. I don't think they will be
successful for the same reason that Donohue was not successful. You really
need a visceral dislike of your enemy and the liberals hate us just as much
as they hate the rightwing--even more so. One of the things that frustrates
me about what Mark Jones calls salon socialism (or Nation Magazine
liberalism) is that it has no appetite to go for the jugular. That's up to
desperadoes like us. Sooner or later we will develop our medium and then
there will be hell to pay.

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