Fox News after Blix report- compare and contrast

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at
Fri Mar 7 20:32:36 MST 2003

"You really need a visceral dislike of your enemy and the liberals hate
us just as much as they hate the rightwing--even more so. One of the
things that frustrates me about what Mark Jones calls salon socialism
(or Nation Magazine liberalism) is that it has no appetite to go for the

One of NYTimes editorials today was written by the co-editor of Dissent,
the author of "Just and Unjust War" or something like that. He was
calling for a perpetual "little war", including extending no-fly zones
to the whole country--since Iraq's sovereignty is compromised
anyway--and for the 'anti-war countries' to get involved in this
campaign to avoid 'the big war'.

I can't believe this is the type of shit that passes for 'radical' Left

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