The programme of the National and Popular Movement in Argentina

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Sat Mar 8 22:41:28 MST 2003

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Dear comrades,

Yesterday evening, in what has been the most important political 
meeting of this anemic Presidential campaign, Adolfo Rodríguez Saá 
has presented to 7000 people those 125 points of his programme that 
will be implemented during the 125 first days of rule. 

Rodríguez Saá will most probably be the next President in my country, 
and most "Leftists" are already hammering against him (or aping the 
mainstream press: paying him no attention). If he gets to power, 
these "Leftists" will engage in a screaming row against the new 
"tyrant". So that when they begin to when anti-Peronist Leftists 
begin to thunder against this "reactionary authoritarian", I beg 
cdes. to remember what follows, because this is what he intends to 

I enclose complete text of the points in Spanish, but I am also 
condensing the main ones in a rapid English version.  Rodríguez Saá 
proposes to establish a Re-foundational Pact in Argentina, some of 
its contents follows:

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