In Defense of Fidel Castro

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Some of Nadal's comments are way off...

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"Malaysia as a garden of egalitarian capitalism?"

Also, Nadal writes: "capital will be more likely
than not to target Cuba in one of its next
rampages." Where has Nadal been for the
last 40 years of the US blockade of Cuba?
Capital is attacking Cuba every day, via
the blockade (Washington) and via foreign
investment (the rest of the capitalist world.)

This is otherwise known as the carrot and
the stick. Two sides of the same coin.

What Nadal says is not at all what Castro
says on Malaysia. What he actually said
was far more subtle and nuanced. Let
me add I don't know much about what
life is like in Malaysia, wouldn't want to
be gay or chew gum or be caught out
in public spitting there. And also keep in
mind that Cuba and Fidel are now heading
up the Non-Aligned Nations Movement.

Here's what Fidel Castro DID say about

"This is a marvelous country. Its prodigious
natural resources and an extraordinarily and
talented leader, who avoided the development
of a wild capitalism, are the reasons for the
progress it has achieved.

"He was able to unite the three main ethnic
groups, that is, Malayan, Indian and Chinese.
Investment was attracted that poured in from
industrialized Japan and other parts of the world.

"Strict rules and regulations were established.
Wealth was distributed as equitably as possible.
The country grew at a good pace for 30 years.
Education and health care were attended to.

"It enjoyed long years of peace, unlike Viet Nam,
Laos and Cambodia, attacked first by colonialism
and then by imperialism.

"Then, when the major crisis that devastated the
rest of Southeast Asia struck it, Malaysia disobeyed
the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and
other similar organizations, the state intervened and
established currency exchange controls thus
preventing the flight of capital and saving the
country and its wealth. A world away from what is
happening in our own long-suffering hemisphere,
in Malaysia they have developed a genuine national
capitalism that, despite large disparities in income,
has brought wellbeing for the masses. The country
enjoys great prestige and respect. For the West
and the new economic order, it has become a
headache and a bad example."

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