Casuistries of Peace and War

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Sun Mar 9 10:18:51 MST 2003

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I agree with Jeff Kindle. Specifically, Anderson's thesis is that
contemporary antiwar movements lack staying power because they have
illusions about the UN and the possession of nuclear weapons by smaller
states. He says this will continue until such time as there is a broader
understanding of a) the UN as an instrument of US foreign policy rather than
of an idealized "international community", and b) that smaller states like
Iraq and NK have a right to advanced weapons to deter aggression by larger
ones. Anderson notes the current opposition to the war, however impressive,
is based mostly on cultural antipathy to the Bush Republicans and on fear,
which a swift US victory (especially one endorsed by the UN, even belatedly)
would quickly dispel. Nothing crudely misleading in this.

Anderson views He believes .

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