The UN, Iraq and military deterrence of imperialism

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Sun Mar 9 10:28:36 MST 2003

Richard Fidler makes good points here
which are appropriately part of socialist
education and propagand re: the UN.

Cuba correctly rejected UN inspections
in 1962, but Iraq has accepted them at
this point. Currently the inspectors are
playing a positive role in withstanding
US pressure to get them to line up for
the war drive. You can just imagine at
this point how much international
spying is being done to try to find any
dirt to discredit Hans Blix and any of
the other inspectors who don't find the
things they're "s'posed" to find...a


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The UN, Iraq and military deterrence of imperialism

I still maintain that revolutionary internationalists
should campaign against the very idea that the
United States and other imperialist powers, singly
or collectively, with or without the United Nations
cachet, have the right to impose inspectors on a
victim of imperialism like Iraq - just as Cuba
opposed such inspections following its October
1962 missile crisis. I am surprised that Fidel does
not make that point. We need to get beyond the
framework of the UN debates, with their underlying
premiss that the "international community" (read:
imperialism, in reality) can violate a semicolonial
country's right of self-determination.

BTW, Fidel, in the speech we're discussing,
takes a pretty dim view of the General Assembly's
powers: "[The UN] General Assembly, where all of
the states of the world are represented, is simply
a forum for deliberation that has no real power,
and merely issues opinions."

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