In Defense of Fidel Castro

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Sun Mar 9 10:32:51 MST 2003

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40 years?  Around the world.  The point was  what happens when Bush targets
Cuba and demands it disarm for having exported revolution to Africa, the
Caribbean and Latin America?  Do we then call on Cuba to comply with any
requests that restrict its support for revolutionary movements?  Such is a
possibility, we must admit.

Now regarding Malaysia-- I read the entire speech.WL's reproduced extract is
exactly supportive of the notion that Malaysia has developed an egalitarain
capitalism, or perhaps there is an alternative interpretation for "wealth
being distributed as equitably as possible in a genuine national capitalism,
despite large disparities in income."

Yes, Cuba is now head of the non-aligned nations group, but this speech was
not made in that capacity. It was a report to the Cuban people. The request
to distribute the speech was preceded by the claim that this is the way out
of war for Iraq and the world.

Leaving Malaysia aside for the moment, what Fidel Castro said about Japan
being the instigator of the war in the Pacific, and the "grave and
unjustified invasions" of Iran and Kuwait by Iraq, are not more nuanced and

We can say that Cuba has taken several positions which run counter to
revolutionary analysis, based on its perception of its own national
interest. That might be more subtle and nuanced than saying Fidel has shown
everybody the way out, and that requires that we attach such a nuanced
analysis to the dissemination of the speech.

Defending the Cuban Revolution is not at all the same thing as uncritically
promoting every analysis of its brilliant, powerful, and heroic leader.

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