In Defense of Fidel Castro

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Sun Mar 9 11:44:45 MST 2003

The fall of the Soviet Union has had contradictory
effects on Cuba, in both foreign and domestic
policy. By no means have all of the effects been
completely negative when you think about them.

The economic underpinning and stability which
the island had when it was economically aided
by the USSR was good while it lasted, but then
we learned that it was a foundation of sand.

The best example is that Cuba never tried to
develop its own petroleum sources, nor did it
get into biotech, solar, and other so-called
"alternative" sources during its alliance with
the Soviet Union.

The fall of the Soviet Union caused a terrible
blow to the island. Friends tell me there were
times when they went to bed hungry at night
at the bottom of the Special Period. Now we
are seeing social differentiation, an incipient
drug culture, a rise in crime and other social
ills as the island has increasingly integrated
itself into the world capitalist system.

Only the extention of the Cuban revolution to
more countries can once again provide the
kind of stability which the island had during
the days of the USSR. Hopefully, when te
Revolution is extended, Cuba won't forget
the many valuable lessons it's had to learn
in the last decade.

See: I don't refuse to see or comment on
the numerous negative things which are
going on in Cuba!


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