When Did American Jewish support for Israel Solidify?

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at attbi.com
Sun Mar 9 11:47:48 MST 2003

I am interested in knowing whether the 1967 war was the catalyst for
unquestioning support of Israel within the American Jewish community, as
N. Finklestein has argued, or whether it was something else. Also, to
what extent is it true, as I've read in a couple places, that a lot of
Jewish radical leftists who became right-wing adopted their shift
because of an orientation to Israel after 1967?

My interest stems mainly from the fact that I've been waging a one-man
op-ed battle in defense of the Palestinians in my college newspaper for
the past couple years, which provoked angry responses in the paper from
one student who is a settler from Hebron, one Jewish professor of
business, and one Israeli of the non-Ashkenazi type, Iraqi I think. But
none of their anger at my writings could match the fury unleashed at the
far more moderate, relatively pro-Israeli view taken by a columnist of
the paper, a Jewish student who is critical of Israel in a Thomas
Friedman sort of way. He was cowed rather quickly.

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