In Defense of Fidel Castro

lvnadal lvnadal at
Sun Mar 9 11:52:20 MST 2003

I don't believe I ever said you refused to see negative things about Cuba.
I said uncritical endorsement of the particular speech given by Fidel was a

The real issue isn't the "contradictory effects" of the collapse of the USSR
on Cuba's economy, although we should discuss that--- the development of a
two tier dollar/peso economy, the tremendous pressure on the economy for
resources demanded by the tourist industry, private farming, the incipient
class demarcation inherent in
the growth of the dollar economy between haves and have nots,  and in the
"particular" economy as a whole between proprietors and workers.

I was in Cuba at the closed of the "special period" and have returned
several times since.

But I was referring to the impact of the USSR's collapse on Cuba's sense of
security and protection from assault, and the broader impact on world
revolution and reaction. It is difficult to argue that the bourgeoisie would
be this emboldened if the USSR were still in existence.

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