When Did American Jewish support for Israel Solidify?

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at attbi.com
Sun Mar 9 12:41:36 MST 2003

"They really, Really, REALLY hate it when fellow
Jews, like myself and others, speak up and speak
out against what Israel does to the Palestinians.
Because Zionism says it represents ALL the
Jewish people, when one of us speaks up and
speaks out, they view us, they slander us, as
being quite literally TREASONOUS to their project.

I simply cannot speak to some of my relatives
about this because they're so totally blinded
by their racist hatred of the Palestinians. "

When I was in the ISO a number of Jewish comrades would say the exact
same thing about not being able to speak to their relatives about the

Having read Fanon's Wretched of the Earth several times over, I'm keenly
interested in understanding the colonizer from the psychological vantage
point. I in fact sometimes feel myself in sympathy with the predicament
expressed by Weizman in 1947:

"We ask today: 'What are the Poles? What are the French? What are the
Swiss?' When that is asked, everyone points to a country, to certain
institution, to parliamentary institution, and the man in the street
will know exactly what it is. He has a passport.
If you ask what is a Jew is -- well, he is a man who has to offer a long
explanation for his existence, and any person who has to offer an
explanation as to what he is, is always suspect--- and from suspicion
there is only one step to hatred or contempt."

Either in one of Ralph Schoenmann or Lenni Brenner's book there is a lot
of quotations from Zionist dailies and newspapers showing that, in fact,
Zionists blamed the Jews for their condition in Europe, I think Herzl in
his diaries wrote that anti-Semitism was "an understandable reaction to
Jewish defects" and so on. Similarly Brenner and Tom Segev have shown
that while obviously demographically and morally the case for the State
of Israel was boosted by Nazi barbarism, the leading Zionist
organizations didn't seem too interested in helping out the Jews who
were being persecuted in terms of financial assistance or propaganda.

I wonder to what extent a confluence of these and similar factors plays
in the mindset of the average, and also the most fanatic of Zionists.
Maybe in the fact that Zionism was at its origins itself a response to
racism there is hope in appealing to the average Israeli citizen of the
futility of occupation, but so far it seems that Israel has mastered the
art of cloaking itself in the garb of a most specious victimhood while
carrying out blatantly brutal colonial policies.

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