A contribution to the debate on antiwar strategy and Cuba's position

lvnadal lvnadal at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 9 22:21:24 MST 2003


Read it.  Not weeping.  Seems to me that behind your admitted "shift" is the
view that this antiwar movement cannot be transformed or supplanted by a
revolutionary movement. Thus "pressure," ( a word you use) brought against
the ruling class, but not actually the whole ruling classe, against its more
hestitant elements who in turn will waver and demur from the diktat of the
hard core is the most we can get for our rapidly depreciating dollar.  If
I'm wrong, tell me, better yet, show me.

In this way, I understand your support for Fidel's speech, because,
honestly, I think the very same assessment is behind his words.

As for loyalty and oaths--- I would participate in either only to the
prospect for revolution-- but so you know, went to Jan 18, Feb 15, will be
participating in Paris in March 15.

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