Wellington arrests

Philip Ferguson plf13 at it.canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Mar 10 00:30:08 MST 2003

Five people were arrested at a 600-strong protest outside Parliament
today, as a state luncheon for visiting Australian premier John Howard
was taking place.

Three of those arrested are leading members of the Anti-Capitalist
Alliance in Wellington.  They're charged with disorderly behaviour and,
in the case of one comrade, assaulting the cops.  The cops, apparently,
were really aggressive and, while the Labour government here tries to
formally distance itself from Bush, it's clear from this and other
police actions against antiwar protests here, that the Labour government
has unleashed the cops, especially in Wellington.  Twenty-three people
were arrested a few weeks back at a protest outside the US Embassy,
again with a fair level of police brutishness.

We'll be posting stuff about the arrests on the 'revolution' magazine
website and the ACA site in the next few days.  The five arrestees will
likely appear in court on Friday.

Philip Ferguson

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