East Timor, Luxembourg and Lenin

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Mar 10 06:39:15 MST 2003

Bob Gould wrote:
> Retrospectively, I regard the Proletarian Military Policy of the US and
> Australian Trotskyists as the best political practice that was possible in
> the given circumstances of the Second World War.

Just a reminder here. The leaders of the American Trotskyist movement
went to prison during WWII as the first victims of the Smith Act. Going
against the "humanitarian intervention" herd mentality of the liberal
and CP-led left, James P. Cannon and his comrades had the guts to tell
it like it was. The USA was not to be supported in this war, no matter
how many innocent lives were being taken by the Nazis. I have retained
very little of my SWP training, but the lessons I learned in "Socialism
on Trial" stick with me. Specifically, this means opposition to
Australian troops in East Timor, US Marines in Haiti or Rwanda, etc.

> It seems to me that the Bosnian Muslims have the right to
> self-determination. It also seems to me that the Albanians in Kosovo,
> Macedonia, the little bits of Serbia and Montenegro where Albanians
> predominate and Albania proper, have the right to form a state together if
> they wish. Romany, Serbian and other minorities should be protected in such
> a state, but it seems fantastic to me for Marxists to oppose the general
> idea of the Albanians having their own, larger state. The geopolitical
> context in which such a development might take place is a separate question.

Politics is not about general ideas. In the specific and concrete
circumstances of Yugoslavia in the 1980s, Albanian nationalism was


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