WSJ article on anticipated large-scale Iraq destruction and war profiteering

Marvin Gandall marvin.gandall at
Mon Mar 10 09:44:59 MST 2003

Today's Wall Street Journal reports that the US, anticipating large-scale
destruction, is inviting bids from American companies to rebuild the Iraqi
infrastructure it intends to bomb.

An initial one billion dollar contract, described an “optimistic estimate”
by the paper, would be used to begin repairs to main roads, bridges, and
electricity grids – as well as hospitals, schools, and housing. Further
contracts are being prepared to administer seaports, airports, hospitals,
schools, transport and storage of water and electrical equipment, and to
refurbish the Iraqi oil industry, which the Journal estimates will far
exceed the cost of the initial “mother contract”.

A subsidiary of Dick Cheney’s former company, Haliburton, has already been
tapped to fight oil fires if that proves necessary, and may also become the
lead contractor on the initial infrastructure contract. Some observers like
the ubiquitous Anthony Cordesman worry that the Iraqis may be required to
pay for a reconstruction effort whose main beneficiaries are seen to be US

The WSJ is a sub-only site, but I've reproduced today's article -- as well
as the earlier one on Haliburton's oil contract -- on Sorry for any cross posting.

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