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Derek S. derektheredrebel at
Mon Mar 10 16:30:26 MST 2003

I've never been a Dennis Miller fan at all, but I
highly recommend "Real Time with Bill Maher" (fridays
at 11:30pm on HBO). He is vehemently anti-war, and he
has lively debates with invited guests from all across
the political spectrum-- only here, its not run by
some pro-war pundit, so the rightwingers are made out
to look like the simple dolts that they are. The
discussion that goes on in this show is exactly what
we need right now in the mainstream: pro-war arguments
getting blasted without censorship. I look forward to
it every friday night.

Besides Bill Maher slaughtering David Horowitz and Ann
Coulter, he goes out of his way to defend the
protesters, lashing out viciously at people who equate
anti-war with anti-americanism or pro-terrorism. He
also has a "new laws" part of the program. Some of his
best are (paraphrasing):

"Lay off the French. At least they're brave enough to
stick up for what they beleive-- unlike the Democrats"

"If your going to support democracy, you have to
really do. This means not telling Turkey to keep
voting "until you get it right""

"Chill out Big Brother Ridge. We know your running an
Orwellian network-- you don't need to keep trying to
freak us out"

Give it a watch-- Condoleeza Rice is going to be on
later in the season. I can't wait. It'll probably be
the first time she'll be in a live, uncensored debate
with someone who can kick her ass, and who won't let
her slip by with her primitive assumptions and
packaged rhetoric.

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