In defense of Fidel Castro's internationalist stand on the Iraq war

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Tue Mar 11 05:42:33 MST 2003

  Pathetic: 1. arousing pity or sadness or contempt. 2. miserably
inadequate.  OED

I find Fidel's speech sad and inadequate. One can attribute all sorts of
deeper meanings and nuances to a speech, but when a speech is given in
public to the public, it comes forward without the nuances and historical
data of previously established positions unless those things are made
explicit in which case they are no longer nuances.

Fidel is clearly trying to establish a "third way," or perhaps fourth where
war is avoided through Iraq's total prostration.  As a tactic, this reminds
me of the shoot-out in Oakland, Ca between the Panthers and the police, when
Eldridge Cleaver stripped naked before surrendering to avoid giving the
police a pretext for shooting him (didn't stop the police from killing Bobby
Hutton) .  Not a bad tactic in those circumstances, and perhaps another side
of "shock and awe."  Digression: not to be rude, but enough of shock and
awe.  Ever since the US Civil War,  US military strategy has been one of
overwhelming fire power against the enemy on the field and on his home.
Shock and awe sounds to me like someone describing his first date with a

Back to business:  Fidel's description of Iraq as having made "grave and
unjustified invasions of Iraq and Kuwait," really puts the the argument
about nuances and subtleties in the dustheap. This is not a nuanced
argument, nor is a criticism "from the left."  A nuanced argument would
criticize the role of imperialism in both invasions, first in seeing a
chance to destabilize the region and bleed the regimes, secondly in using
Iraq to provide an excuse for handling the problem of overproduction, and
thirdly by pointing out that neither of those unjustifiable and grave
violations has anything to do with capital's need for war against Iraq here
and now.

There is a virtue in sticking to the first or second accepted definitions
for a word.  Unfortunately, Fidel's speech is described by both.

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