A plea to the citizens of the world

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Not that I agree with everything he says but this Norwegian
fellow is sincere. I believe it with my heart.




To the citizens of the world
by Sjur CP • Tuesday March 11, 2003 at 01:37 PM

If we don't do it this time, it might be to late. Do it when you
still can, to wait now would be a collective suicide

Hello. I am a norwegian. I have just arrived to Amman from
Baghdad where I have been one month as a human shield. Before
that I was one month on the road, mobilising and trying to get
more shields with me to Iraq.

In Iraq we have demonstrated in the streets, kept press
conferences and showed the world what we stand for. We are
against a unjust war led by the US against Iraq. If we can call
this a war at all, and not only a slaughter of the iraqi
population. The most hospital people I have ever met, even after
I have been in a dozen of countries in both Europe, Africa and

We have seen people cry, sending their children as soldiers
against the US, what a waste. The iraqi soldiers are sent out to
die, and everybody should know that. We have seen a couple of
sand bags, weapon from the fifties and people in green clothes
which looks like have been baught on the marked. If someone think
Iraq has well equiped soldiers and weapons of mass destruction,
they have to think twice.

When I walk on the street in Baghdad,look at children, women and
men, sitting on a restaurant, playing on the streets, selling
sigarettes or pas by I think about the crazy bastards who want to
kill this people.

The iraqi people want to have peace, and have tried as best as
they can. Mostly of them don't like their political system at
all, but long for freedom and justice. Still they don't believe
the US want them or is able to bring to them anything good.

It is foremost the sanctions that ruins the civil society and
keep people dependent on Saddam. If the sanctions got lifted
people could afford to do and think, and oppose their government.
1.5 million people has died because of sanctions the last ten
years, and all people in Iraq suffer because of it.

The US have bombed Iraq regularly the last twelwe years and led
sanctions against Iraq, supported Saddams regime, shown Saddam
green light when it comes to attacking Kuwait, helped Saddam to
get rid of all kinds of opposition etc. They don't believe the US
are up to anything good this time either. Their experiences tell

The US has bombed schools, hospitals and shelters. Iraqi people
don't believe the US only want to take their oil and get rid of
Saddam. The US can get their oil and support Turkmenistan, which
is even a worse case concerning democracy. But as it was said
when it comes to Suharto, he was a bastard, but our bastard.

If Saddam is a dictator, and I will not argue that he is not, the
dictator in Turkmenistans is ultra. No, the iraqi people believe,
and I will not argue against them, that the US want to kill
them - because they are iraqis.

It looks like a kind of global racism rule the world, and that
iraqis doesn't count. Kissinger said one time that the arabic
people couldn't take care of their own oil. That this man has got
nobel peace price is a shame.

At the same time the US attack Iraq, Sharon and Israel attack
allready suffering and supressed palestinians. Sharon has started
allready before the war has started in Iraq. The plan is to move
palestinians to Iraq and make a Great Israel. Iraq should be
divided in three.

The plans about the war the US now plan against Iraq was first
meant for Israel, but since Israel were afraid of loosing this
battle they rejected it. The lobby then went to the US which has
accepted it, and one thing is very clear - some people will earn
a lot of money on this war.

The US has fought hundreds of wars in the last centuries. Non of
them, I think, has helped civilians to gain freedom and
democracy. They have all been done to occupy land or to gain
controll, power and ressources. It should be enough to look at
the US society to understand this. As the americans themslves
knows better than all others there is both a lack of democracy
and a lack of freedom, specially after the Sept 11.

The US even control Norway in a lot of different ways. Norwegian
politicians are afraid of being black cheaps or the bad pupil in
the class. This is not only because of organisations like WTO,
IMF, GATS etc, but also more directly pressure form the US it

Not long time after Sept 11 there was a radio program in Norway
about how it would have been under an american invation. That was
not only a joke. In Norway we have a joke about the norwegian
prime minister. He meet Bush and says My name is Pettersen, if it
is ok for you. He says so because he is afraid. He knows how it
is to be blacklisted. Norway is a little country, very important
for the US because of its geographic position and because Norway
has a lot of oil.

Even if the US try to bribe many countries around the world, or
to pressure them by f ex by frightning them with new wars, many
countries oppose a war against Iraq. When it comes to Turky their
new government might support the war, something that might lead
to civil war. In Turky, as in nearly all other countries in the
whole world, the people won't let this war become true.

Both France, Germany, Russia and China, all in the Security
Coucil, are among these countries. They understand that if a war
like this can happen, there will be no safe place and there will
no longer, if there have ever existed, be international laws
telling when a country has the right to go to war and not. It
will be possible to fight any country in the whole world.

The US has fought the UN for fifty years, trying to implement
what didn't get implemented when the UN first started. The US has
tried to misuse the UN, disrespected the UN and produced own
organisations which has taken the responsibility away from the UN
and in that way diminised the function of the UN. The US has not
followed international laws and has broken with the international

Europe is getting tired of the US. The US has since the Second
World War, both indirectly and directly, tried to rule Europe.
The have broken agreements on a lot of topics, not at least when
it comes to international laws. For two months ago the US
administration proclaimed the death of the old Europe. In many
ways this must be seen as a proclamation for war.

For nearly a year ago a spy airplane crashed with a chinese
airplane on Chinese territory. The Chinese wanted to look at the
american airplane. The US told them to give it to them straight
away or China would have to leave the WTO. Before this
quincedence China had used nearly nothing to military expences,
from then on China, with the best economy in the world, has spent
a lot on their army. They learned by heart.

The war against terrorism is something else than war against
poverty. Even if the last one was far away from being a war
against poverty. Since calvinism, protestantism, marked economy
and colonialism there has been one system, one force, who has led
us to develop the world as we know it today, capitalism.

Mary Wollenstonecraft wrote the book about Frankenstein. Analysts
has seen it as a book about modern science. I see it rather as a
book about the system we all are slaves of, capitalism.
Capitalism is an economy which has been inplanted in our life in
all different kinds of ways and have come to rule western people,
both on how to live and how to think. Even the richest people are
slaves of the system, they by the time have created.

This text are meant as a plea to the american population to force
a change in their political system. The only reason, as I see it,
why the americans still hasn't done this is because they think
they can't. But it is unvoidable and soon they will find out that
they can't let it be.

In the book Frankenstein hunt the one who created him to take
revange and in the end the scientist get killed. This should be a
warning to all of us. We have to stop while we still have a
possiblity, reflect on what we are doing and correct our
mistakes. The World Watch Istitute wrote in their last raport,
the one for 2003, that we have one, maybe two, to force through
this change. If not it might be to late.

If the americans won't or can't change their political system
which supress the whole world, not at least the americans
themselves, other people has to do it instead of them. That might
not look as nice. For a year ago the big question for the
americans was why the whole world hates them. The whole world
hates the american government, love the american people, even in
Iraq the people treat the americans with hospitality. I therefor
hope the americans awake before it is to late.

Americans - awake, look around, it is a beautiful world and too
good to be destroyed. Do not be afraid of strangers, they are
your friends. Remember the golden days and stand up for the
American Dream - freedom and democracy. I beg you on my knee.

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