Rumsfeld: US will go to war even without Britain. (Does he know something I don't know?

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Tue Mar 11 20:35:54 MST 2003

Subject: Rumsfeld: US will go to war even without Britain (does he know
something I don't know?)

BBC. 11 March 2003. US ready to fight 'without UK.'

WASHINGTON and LONDON -- US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has
suggested that America would be prepared to take military action against
Iraq -- with or without Britain.

He told a press briefing that the US had alternative plans if the UK
decides not to go to war with Iraq.

But Downing Street has expressed shock and surprise at his remarks,
insisting that if Saddam Hussein made the wrong moves, then Britain
would be in at the front.

BBC correspondents have said the telephones are ringing "red hot"
between Number 10 and Washington to find out exactly what Mr Rumsfeld

Number 10 has made it clear that rather than scaling down the UK's
involvement in the conflict, the opposite was happening.

In recent days military planners have been talking about Britain's
"military contribution being greater than we thought."

But Mr Rumsfeld said: "To the extent that they are able to participate
-- in the event that the President decides to use force -- that would
obviously be welcomed.

"To the extent they are not, there are work arounds and they would not
be involved, at least in that phase of it."

Asked if that meant the US would go to war without its "closest ally,"
he added: "That is an issue that the president will be addressing in the
days ahead, one would assume."

.(I sure hope he has to.)

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