"The Tears of Peace" (Dir. George Mussleh)

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Under the Sponsorship of the Bethlehem Governorate

ISIS for Audio-Visual Production in cooperation with
BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights

are honored to invite you to attend the first public screening of the film:

"The Tear of Peace"

The film presents a personal account of the multiple displacement and
struggle of Palestinian refugees told by the members of the
al-Mughrabi family. Following their 1948 eviction from home and land
in al-Burayj village [Cf.
<http://www.palestineremembered.com/Jerusalem/al-Burayj/>] now
located in Israel, the family found shelter in the Deheisheh refugee
camp (Bethlehem) [Cf.
<http://www.badil.org/Images/Campaign/Deheishe/deheish.htm>] until
the 1967 war. Then family members joined the Palestinian resistance
movement and were forced to relocate to Amman (Jordan), then on to
Syria and to the Ein al-Hilweh camp (Lebanon) [Cf.
where the couple raised their four children until their home was
demolished by the Israeli invasion army in 1982. Their journey
continued to the Sudan and Libya, until they were able to return to
the Deheisheh camp in the framework of the Oslo process in 1995. The
al-Mughrabi family tells the story about how the Israeli occupation
brought to fail all their stubborn efforts to achieve personal
security and stability from then on: broken dreams about a good
education, the second intifada, the killing of their son Mahmoud [Cf.
a resistance fighter, the demolition of the family home in the
Deheisheh camp [Cf.
<http://www.amnesty.org.au/whatshappening/israel/report6.html>], and
the arrest of their eldest son Ahmad [Cf.
"It is still the same enemy," says the father, Abu Ahmad, "the same
enemy in 1948, 1982 and in 2002."

Produced by: ISIS
Directed by: George Mussleh

The screening will take place at the Catholic Action Center in Bethlehem
Monday, 17th March 2003, at 4:00 pm.

Your attendance will support peace and justice!

For additional information about this film, please contact:
Shadi Khair, ISIS Public Relations and Marketing
Telefax: 00972-2-277 4405; 00972-52-466 366
Email: isispro at email.com

BADIL Resource Center aims to provide a resource pool of alternative,
critical and progressive information on the question of Palestinian
refugees in our quest to achieve a just and lasting solution for
exiled Palestinians based on their right of return.
PO Box 728, Bethlehem, Palestine;
Email: info at badil.org;
Website: www.badil.org;
Tel/fax: -2-2747346; -52-360769

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