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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Mar 12 11:15:31 MST 2003

On a recent posting, I stated

"As to Lenin, his point of view was related to an eventual break up of 
the Soviet Union. He did not write on the break up of eventual large 
capitalist semicolonies, simply because he could never see a single one
alive. These have appeared after 1945"

in obvious oblivion of the most immense case of break up of Latin 
America. However, the Bolsheviks knew almost nil on Latin America, as 
testified by Lenin himself during the -I think- 3rd. Congress of the 
Communist International. But even Latin American Marxism began to 
discover this essential task of revolution only after Trotsky proposed 
the United Socialist States of Latin America (and so far as I know there 
was one single group, the Octubre group in Argentina, that understood 
the deep meaning of this proposition and began to work on this line by 
the mid 1940s).

So that although my statement was wrong, at least it gives the correct 
idea as to Lenin´s horizon.


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