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Maybe, just maybe, beyond the great humor being generated by the hubris and
jingoism embodied in this latest infantile response by some members of the
U.S. Government to France "daring" to assert their own sovereignty and right
to agree to disagree with U.S. foreign policies, this might open up a whole
new debate leading to wider issues and questions that might allow a few
Americans to finally wake up.

For example, imagine the following press conference with Prime Minister

[Sycophantic American Press]: Mr. Prime Minister, after all that France owes
to the U.S., after all we DID "liberate" you people from the yoke of German
nazi oppression during World War II, how then, can you turn your back on our
president and the U.S. when your support is needed now more than ever to
stop this terrorist Saddam?

Mr. Chirac: We do note and appreciate the role and sacrifices made by U.S.
Forces in helping to liberate France as we note and appreciate the same by
our own resistance forces and hope that you will also note our own
sacrifices in hiding and aiding in escape downed American airmen. And by the
way, applying you own logic, do you acknowledge and appreciate the
sacrifices and contributions to saving American lives by the USSR during
World War II? These were sacrifices greater than made by any other single
country during World War II in terms of lives lost and devastation suffered.

Further, sir, since you wish to mention the role of the U.S. in liberating
France from the German nazi yoke, could we take this discussion further to
talk about the fact that over 300 U.S. companies, some in occupied France
like Chase Manhattan, Ford, Opel, GM, Standard of New Jersey, Brown Brothers
Harriman and others, some run by the grandfathers (Prescott Bush and George
Herbert Walker) of the present president George W. Bush who also were
principal financiers of Hitler from 1924 onward, companies which all during
World War II, actively traded with those same nazis and thus delayed the
liberation of France and aided and abetted its occupation in the first
place? And could we take this discussion even further than that to discuss
all the wanted nazi war criminals, some of whom committed horrible crimes on
French soil--like Klaus Barbie--who were put on the U.S. CIA payroll,
assisted in escaping prosecution and who also wound up at some of the
highest levels of the U.S. policy-making establishment and government
including in the previous Reagan and Bush administrations?

The possibilities are endless...

Jim Craven

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I'd like some Freedom Dressing on that, please.

Let's at least hope that these name changes aren't as tenacious as "hot
dogs" for frankfurters and "Salisbury steak" for hamburgers, implemented
during WWI.

If Albertson's store states that everyone can buy fresh baked French Bread
at 5:00 pm daily or its free, what does this now mean?  That at 5:00 o'clock
now we have Freedom bread instead?  Does that mean its free in cost? Or is
it free from calories?  (I'd vote for that myself). Or does it mean that to
truly be free you have to eat that bread at 5:00 pm?  And to say nothing
about what should be put on it...well then the possibilities are really
endless... i could probably teach a whole lesson in Food and Your Health
about this one. :)


As you may have heard, some members of Congress have voted to change menu
items names to express their displeasure with France:  French Fries are now
Freedom Fries, French Toast now Freedom Toast.

Our crack staff has put together a list of renamed items that we need to
consider in light of this:

1.  Doug Mrazek is, of course, now teaching Freedom 101.

2.  Frenchman's Bar Park near Vancouver Lake is now Freedom-man's Bar Park.

3.  Larry Bird's hometown of French Lick, Indiana, now is Freedom Lick.

4.  Sebastian Cabot's character on Family Affair would be Mr. Freedom rather
than Mr. French, and rumor has it that he will have to get a red and white
striped butler's suit with a blue tie with white stars.

5.  When you catch your teenager in the basement with his/her special one,
she/he will now turn to you and go, "But, Mom/Dad, I was just Freedom
kissing him/her. I was just being patriotic!"

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