My French Anti-War Recipe

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Wed Mar 12 18:03:44 MST 2003

At 3:56 PM -0800 3/12/03, Chris Brady wrote:
>I guess you missed the flippin POINT, YOSHIE!!!
>Anything "French" is now Freedom!!!
>So France must be "Freeance" or something!!!
>C'mon, get with it, you unpatriotic Red!!!
>They must have a FREEEDOM-kiss-in!
>(I love your idea, com/rad.
>My imagination is tickled:
>maybe John Asscraft will realize he's repressed and join in!)

Lou Paulsen posted this to LBO-talk:

*****   Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 20:28:32 +0000
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Subject: Re: My French Anti-War Recipe

It looks like you've been pre-empted, Yoshie:
(I don't know if this item is legit though)

Frat Gives Tongue to Patriotic Sentiment

Cornell Daily Sun
March 10, 2003

A conservative fraternity has called on interested women to show
their support for the president's war policy by engaging in "freedom

"It's time to support the president, and not just with lip service,"
says Lester Baxter, president of the Cornell chapter of Upsilon Sigma
Alpha.  "We don't want anything to do with the French.  We're only
drinking American wines and cutting American cheese."

Members of the fraternity can be seen wearing graphically busy
buttons depicting an American flag, a picture of Saddam Hussein with
the international "No" symbol, a mouth with a protruding tongue, and
the text "Give me a freedom kiss!"  The practical success of this
campaign is reported to be "mixed".

Lucy Steele of Campus Code Pink scoffed at the campaign: "Gallo wine,
domestic cheeses, no French pastry, and no French letters, I suppose.
They'll get freedom kisses in their dreams."   *****

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