Stop work to stop the war! -- What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #529 March 12, 2003

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                            Green Left Weekly,
                      Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #529
                              March 12, 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: Stop work to stop the war!

In a magnificent display of conscience, irreverence and determination,
more than 30,000 high school students took to the streets across
Australia on March 5 to demand "Books not bombs!". There will be another
student strike on March 26. Trade unions have a responsibility to
support this by calling strikes and stop-work meetings so that workers
can join the young people in actively opposing this criminal war.



 * Stop work to stop the war!


 * Break the alliance with the US war machine!
 * 30,000 students strike against war: plan to strike again March 26.
 * `The beginning of an international youth movement'
 * VIETNAM: the terrible legacy of US weapons of mass destruction


 * IRAQ: James Petras -- `a clash between barbarism and civilization'
 * 200,000 Yemenis protest against war
 * IRAQ: Washington turns UN vote into charade
 * ITALY: Public sector workers to strike against Iraq war
 * UNITED STATES: War to add billions to nation's debt
 * UNITED STATES: Student strikers: `Hell no, we won't fight for
 * CANADA: York University sends in the cops
 * BRITAIN: Sheffield students join March 5 strike
 * IRAQ: Blix report demolishes US `case' for war
 * PALESTINE: Massacres as Israel invades Gaza refugee camp
 * PHILIPPINES: Manila blames MILF for blast


 * Terry O'Shane: "We won't support a war!"
 * East Timor, Iraq and Jose Ramos Horta
 * Government signals the death of Medicare
 * ALP `Left' moves against Harry Quick
 * Iranian refugee runs for parliament


 * Feminist marches oppose war
 * More support for anti-war convergence
 * Socialists call on opposition parties to block supply
 * Police raid Narangba protest camp
 * Howard bullies East Timor again
 * Anti-war activist notebook
 * Protest against poison bait
 * Socialist Alliance defends Greens


 * Country music star releases anti-war song
 * Profits fuel the `highway arms race'
 * Black Paradise: `Kami menyanyi untuk hidup' (We sing for life)
 * Cuba joins the Lysistrata Project
 * 2000 attend solidarity concert for West Papua


 * A woman's place is in the struggle: Why Bush's war can't liberate
Iraqi women
 * EDITORIAL: Student strike sets example to unions
 * Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly


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