UN authorization can't make rank imperialism just

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Thu Mar 13 11:09:15 MST 2003

No, it is ABSOLUTELY wrong for the anti-war movement "to use proposition
(1) as its main plank ." As others have said before, and far more
eloquently, for the anti-war movement to say it opposes this (imperialist)
war, while allowing  -- in fact demanding  -- the UNSC (a cabal of
imperialist nations) to arrogate to itself the right to intervene in Third
World countries, in violation of their right to self-determination, is to
shoot itself in the foot. By accepting the premise that the UN is competent
to make such a decision, you accept the entire raison d'etre for
imperialist war, i.e., that the "Great" nations may sit in judgement and
dispose of  the oppressed at their will. You cede this terrain to Bush and
Company, and make it far easer for them to justify their war. If the U.S.
resolution goes through, you haven't a leg to stand on. Far better to
demand as "the main plank" that your own government stay out of Iraq.


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