UN authorization can't make rank imperialism just

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Thu Mar 13 14:16:10 MST 2003

The key problem with the "No war without UN authorization" slogan is
that it shifts the focus to Iraq and what IT must do, and away from what
one's own government should be doing, which is to reject and oppose the
war under any conditions. (That, incidentally, is why Fidel Castro's
formulations, while understandable in terms of Cuba's realpolitik
foreign policy, cannot be our guide for antiwar action in the bowels of
the monster.)

In Canada, the NDP petition I cited earlier says nothing about the
Chrétien government's sending the navy to the Gulf  or 2,000 troops to
Afghanistan to relieve the U.S. while they are bombing Iraq. It says
that "Canada's primary national interest... is to support and uphold the
framework of international law constructed in the aftermath of World War
II", that is, the imperialist world order. It calls on the government to
"use our unique relationship with the US, and our traditional
international role as a broker of peace to attempt to persuade our
American neighbours to halt this brinksmanship."

There is nothing in that petition that Chrétien could not sign on to,
even while he continues his last-minute maneuvers to achieve a Security
Council resolution that will "legalize" the Bush-Blair war. It starts
from the "national interest" of an imperialist country, prettifies the
foreign policy of that country, and contains not a word of criticism of
the government.

As José succinctly characterizes it, the reasoning behind this petition
is social-imperialist.

Richard Fidler

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