Why is there a Guardian?

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Fri Mar 14 08:39:55 MST 2003

LouPaulsen asked on 14 March 2003 14:03

<  Every night now, I find myself looking up the guardian.co.uk and
> independent.co.uk  websites in the hope of finding something new and
> that I will  never read in the Chicago Tribune.  Are they partly owned by
> latter-day  Engels, or what?  Or is it just that "everything is farther
left over
> there"?

Owned by a letter day Engels? Certainly not - and it is even often doubtful
if anything is "further left over here".  For REALLY thoughtful stuff we
have to turn to Le Monde Diplomatique (now a separate entity from Le Monde).
They have just produced a special web issue on Iraq and the drive to war -
which gives (in clear) summaries of article and a HUGE number of links to
past articles delving into the history of the "crisis".  Unfortunately, and
understandably as they have to make things pay -  the full text of many
(even most) of the articles is only available to subscribers.

The special issue top pages are available at

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