FW: Bush's Religious Beliefs

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Fri Mar 14 09:53:54 MST 2003

> We do not need to speculate about this. We know that the policy wonks bring
> their war plans to the President and he and members of his administration
> pray over the vision and translate the text into articles of faith. I
> suspect that administration officials have been focusing on Revelations
> big-time in their daily bible studies.

I admire Jesus

I most admire Jesus, Christ the Lord.
He gently taught the children at his knee.
He smiled and spoke his sweet, reproving word.

When they took and hanged him on the tree,
He asked his God, forgive the hammering men.
But that was while, as man, he could not see

The day when on a cloud he'd come again,
Almighty, armored, throngs from every land
Of quaking sinners summoning, and then

Dividing, judging, pointing with his hand,
Like the guard did at that German camp,
Exalting one, decreeing: I forgive this man!

Go over there, to heaven.  See the ramp?
But this one here's a murderer and liar!
He won't escape.  You, angel with the lamp!

Pour out your oil! Make a lake of fire!
Now pitch him in.  He crackles, screeches, dies.
Oh, I do dearly love my lake of fire.

I most admire Jesus, Christ, the wise.
I do aspire to do like him each hour.
There is no higher model in my eyes.
I never tire of dreaming of his power.


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