Why is There a Guardian? [2]

Ian Willmore ianw at foe.co.uk
Fri Mar 14 10:02:40 MST 2003

Sorry. I screwed up a sentence in my last post. In the paragraph about crazed
media barons the sentence about "who also have a stake in Sears, the Ritz etc"
refers to the fabulous Barclay Brothers. They are not a clapped out Music Hall
act. They are mysterious financiers.


A tax on aviation fuel would remove the need for airport expansion in the UK,
according to predictions of air travel growth published by environmental groups
last week ... But Jim Bailey, Director of the Strategic Aviation Special
Interest Group, said that the projections are not realistic. 'Trying to stop
demand by putting up prices is a dangerous game', he said.

Planning Magazine
28th Feburary 2003


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