Acting Out --> boomeranging?

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Fri Mar 14 10:41:48 MST 2003

So the US is set to punish countries that refuse to fall into line.
Seems a lot of Americans think this is only right.
I sure think it is only right (it sure ain't left).
Everyone is flippin off the French.
They have the audace to make exception to a full frontal assault on
the masses in Iraq.  The reasons given by their critics in the US
include the devious greedy Gallic sneaks actually don't care a fig
about civilian casualities (as if Bush did!) but they really want
the Iraqi petrol dump all for themselves.  Nasty!
The Bush ADDministration is actually mobilizing to get back at
the Germans.  That ADDministration had bugged and tapped members
of the UN they have hyperbolized into enemies simply because of
one disagreement expressed democratically in that forum.


If they are trying to bring the world into line,
with bullying and underhanded tactics,
what about in the Defenz of Der Homelandt ???
What about Enemies Within!!!???
That Patriot Act is no guff, my dear red friends.

Plus the mutts who thrive off the droppings of the Leadership,
such as aberrant customs agents, airport bag checkers and rent-a-cops
are happily using the carte blanche of jingoism to push around
and gratuitously intimidate clearly innocent citizens.

You saw this?:

US passenger's anti Iraq war sign got snippy note.

Reuters. 13 March 2003.

WASHINGTON -- An airline passenger has complained to U.S. authorities
that a government baggage screener left a note in his suitcase
criticizing his lack of patriotism after finding a "No Iraq War" sign
inside his bag.

Seth Goldberg, a 41-year-old New Jersey man, said on Thursday he
believes a screener with the Transportation Security Administration
slipped a note into his suitcase before a March 2 flight out of
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

"Don't appreciate your anti-American attitude!" was neatly hand written
on the standard notice TSA places inside all the bags that screeners

"This security person decided to let me board, but not before scolding
me for being un-American," Goldberg told Reuters in an interview.

Goldberg said he thought the note was an abuse of government authority
and a violation of his privacy and free-speech rights.

(friends driving down from Canada say the Border Guards seem
increasingly confrontational, too).

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