5 million in Spain strike 15 minutes to protest war

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Mar 15 01:42:26 MST 2003

AP. 14 March 2003. Millions of workers stage anti-war protests.

MADRID -- Millions of workers staged anti-war protests Friday in Spain
as Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar stood firmly by the United States'
plans to attack Iraq.

Spain's opposition parties, however, oppose a war, and opinion polls
indicate that more than 80 percent of Spaniards feel the same way.

Some five million people across the country, according to union
estimates, staged a 15-minute work stoppage at noon to protest the war

Opposition politicians joined workers from government offices,
businesses and factories in the protest called by the European
Confederation of Unions.

Political parties and labor unions have called for a massive turnout for
anti-war demonstrations to be held in Spain on Saturday as part of
protests called around the globe.

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