Exxagerations ....really.

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 15 20:31:58 MST 2003

International Answer just put out their estimates of
the demonstrations today in the US:

"International A.N.S.W.E.R.
Act Now To Stop War & End Racism

"Millions March Against War on March 15 in Over 2,000 
Cities Worldwide

"Over A Quarter of A Million March in The U.S.:
100,000 in Washington, 100,000 in San Francisco
and 50,000 in Los Angeles"


This is an exxageration without and will certainly

You can't build a movement on clay feet of

Our comrades were in the demonstrations held in
Washington and San Francisco and received direct
reports from Los Angeles as well and we made all
efforts to count and have as objective an asssesment
as possible.

We are more than willing to say when something is big,
since we ARE part of the movement.

For example, my organization just published a report
saying that 20,000 people rallied and marched in San
Francisco. I was there and I counted. There were no
more than 15,000 people, but other comrades 
disagreed and said there were 20,000. So we went for
that figure.

We indicated 30,000 in Washington and we were, in my
own believe by reading the reports from comrades and
watching some of the films of the demos, that there
were about 20,000 at most. But since the sources - my
own comrades - say 30-31,000 I'll go for that. There 
were no more than 10-12,000 in Los Angeles.

Now, there are reasons for this drop in the numbers,
all of them political and with little to do with a
dwindling of opposition. One important one is that
there were hundreds of small actions in the last three
weeks that militated, by atomization, against a larger

turnout today. But Answer and others should face the
political issues, not make numbers up in order to
cover the political issues.

Now, on Europe and other countries, my organization
goes with the first published numbers by other sources
and try to be more on the side of organizers of the
demos, since we have no reliable organization there.

So, is possible that we are somehow off there, and I
expect as reports continue to pour in that we will
have more accurate counts. For example, confronted
with very small numbers in Britain we decided not to
publish what we got until now and we are awaiting

In Latin America I think we can go with more serious
analysis since we have many contacts and we talk with
many groups and comrades there, so I kind of thrust
fully the numbers we gave, as I do with the numbers we
gave for the US where we have a direct control over 
the counting.

You can see our first report on today's demos around
the world at http://www.sf-frontlines.com


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