Flag-waving bigots attack Mexican woman in California

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U.S. Flag Waving Bigots Attack Mexican-American Female in La Habra,
There is fear that the Bush threat to retaliate against U.S. Mexicans may be
by Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - March 14, 2003 - (ACN) As the USA gears up to
attack Iraq, things here in Southern California are getting very scary for
Mexican-Americans and other ethnic minorities who oppose the war. President
Bush recently made a statement that there may be retaliation against
Mexican-Americans if Mexico does not vote in favor of the U.S. in the U.N.
Security Council. Also, an
unnamed U.S. diplomat stated that Mexican-Americans may face internment as
the Japanese-Americans during World War II. This threat became a reality
Tuesday when a Mexican-American student from Fullerton College was
confronted by about 30 racist Americans at a makeshift 911/War memorial
placed on a
chain linked fence at Whittier Boulevard and Macy Street in La Habra,

The makeshift memorial that consists primarily of numerous U.S. flags and
pro-war signage was started by Whittier resident Tracey Chandler about 18
months ago with the cooperation of Jeff Collison who is the owner of the
chain link fence surrounding his vacant lot he uses illegally to store junk
trailer homes. There had been no incidents until someone attempted to place
an anti-war sign on the chain link fence last Saturday. Tracey Chandler and
other "super white bigots" removed the anti-war signs and this angered
whoever placed them there because they came back
during the night and than removed the pro-war signage and flags. These two
incidents have started a series of retaliatory actions and there is now a
explosive and dangerous situation in predominantly Mexican-American La

On Tuesday, our publisher Hector Carreon, stopped by the makeshift memorial
in the morning to take a news report. He had to leave because of the
belligerence exhibited by the people who are now hanging out at the corner
day and night. In the late afternoon of the same day there was a troublesome
incident involving 19 year old Fullerton College student Jennifer Quintana.
She apparently angered the mob who gather there with her anti-war position
because they physically "jumped her" and held her there. The mob said they
conducted a "citizen's arrest". They later called La Habra Police Department
and accused her of "assaulting" the bigot Tracey Chandler. The police
arrested Jennifer Quintana Tuesday evening and did
not release her until the morning of Wednesday. She now faces assault
charges at the North Orange County Court in Fullerton. La Habra Police has
refused to release Jennifer Quintana's contact information because they say
they fear further retaliations against her. The real reason may be that they
do not want Jennifer Quintana to speak to independent news services such as
La Voz de Aztlan.

Most disturbing of all have been the numerous newspaper reports about the
incident. The Whittier Daily News, the Orange County Register, the Los
Angeles Times and the AP Wire all published bias reports siding with the
bigoted, racist and pro-war
Americans who are now mobbing the corner of Whittier Boulevard and Macy
Street in La Habra. These bigots have informed the local media that U.S. war
veterans are now guarding the makeshift memorial day and night. These
newspapers did not report on Jennifer Quintana's side of the story.

The Mexican-American community in La Habra is of course very concerned about
the incident in their City of La Habra. Many have contacted Mexican-American
Mayor Juan Garcia. Today, city authorities have informed Jeff Collison, the
owner of the vacant dirt property, that he is in violation of a series of
city ordinances and that he will be prosecuted. La Voz de Aztlan would now
like to see Tracy Chandler and her racist cohorts prosecuted for the false
"citizen's arrest" of teenager Jennifer

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