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Sun Mar 16 07:18:47 MST 2003

I don't want to get back on the marxism list debates, since I don't feel
that you allow much equal debate, Lou.    But the list is seriously missing
the boat on the North Korea thing.   It is clear that the Chinese are
backing North Korea's positions, and that the attitude has been that an
attack on Iraq, will be considered an attack against China/ North Korea.

And while I am not prone to conspiracy theories, I even doubt whether it is
a coincidence that the new Asian 'flu' is  occurring now.      Can we
innocently rule out that it is not
in fact, a US biological weapon?    I rather think not.     The US has made
clear that China is now considered its major world rival.    And this war
against Iraq goes directly against all Chinese interests.     What occurs
in the next couple of weeks with North Korea/ China is much more important
than just the direct fighting that will occur in the ME.

All this is mere speculation, or is it?    I think that the data is
beginning to piece together a reality of the Chinese drawing a line at this
point.    I would certainly like to have access to more information about
what the Chinese are actually doing and thinking about this world
crisis.     If any readers have any info about the Chinese leadership's
positions here, I'd certainly like to see the material posted to Marxism list.

Meanwhile,the world Left should keep an alert eye open to the developments
on the Korean Peninsula.

Best wishes,
Tony Abdo
Dallas, Texas

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