Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons

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Jose wrote:

I see Paddy has posted an article talking about EMP weapons. These are, so
far, vaporware.

That such weapons are theoretically possible has been demonstrated countless
times by lightning strikes which damage electronic equipment. The specifics
of the weapons being discussed are ones that somehow would focus very short,
intense microwave pulses (microwave so they could penetrate the openings
typically found in the grounded metal cases that protect sensitive elecronic

Whether they could be implemented in practice is another matter. What would
be necessary is a source of sufficient electricity. One way would be to
convert the kinetic energy of conventional explosives into electricity and
delivering that electricity to the pulse-generating circuitry without having
the explosion blow it up before the pulse was away.

Another way would be to have some sort of huge bank of capacitors to deliver
the pulse of electricity.

It does appear that research in this is ongoing; whether enough progress has
been made to create an actual bomb is anyone's guess. My guess is that it
hasn't, this is just part of the Pentagon FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Dread)
psychological campaign against Iraq, but even it is ready, I suspect
American generals would be loathe to deploy it at this stage. For all it
takes if for one dud missile to fall into the wrong hands and any potential
U.S. adversary would be able to copy-cat the design. And there is no armed
forces more vulnerable to this than the American one, and any such effective
weapon in the hands of a U.S. adversary would basically put the American war
machine out of commission.

Response (Jim C): I only wish these weapons were vaporware; they are real
and have already been used in parts of Europe. I have to be very general
about this, but someone I know, very much in a position to know and has seen
them and has been in military exercises in which they have been used
described them to me. They are administered from a radiation-hardened bunker
and can cause extreme nausea, total incapacitation, inability to coordinate
movements (synapse jumbling) etc. This is not paranoid fantasy, it is for
real. Further I had some didrect experiences with it in the early 1970s when
I was a graduate student at University of Manitoba.

The search for microwave weapons for mass crowd and population
control/incapacitation began with the French CRS in the late 1950s early
1960s. A French farmer found his chickens spread out all over the place
unable to coordinate their limbs and wings, and supposedly the only possible
source considered were nearby large-scale microwave towers. Someone got the
bright idea that since the human system, like all life systems, was
essentially an electromagnetic/biochemical-run system, perhaps microwaves,
if the proper frequencies were found, could be used to jumble synapses (an
electromagnetic/biochemical event) causing mass paralysis, incapacitation in
other forms etc.
Prior to all of this the major focus was through programs like MKULTRA aimed
at "better living through chemistry" but not effective on mass levels.

The following are but some of programs and their foci developed:
Project ARTICHOKE, 1954, (drugs, electronics, and electroshock to create
Project ORION (aka DREAMLAND), 1955 (drugs, hypnosis, microwaves, radar)
MKDELTA (aka "DEEP SLEEP), 1960, (long-range use of fine-tuned
electromagnetic subliminal programming);
MKSEARCH parallel with MKULTRA 1949-72? (LSD etc for programming and
prisoner interrogation etc)
Project ZAP aka RAINBOW, 1983, (NSA at Montauk, Long Island, electronic
means to affect large groups and geologic activity)
Project TRIDENT aka BLACK TRIAD, 1989, (use of helicopters working in groups
for mass crowd control);
RF MEDIA program, aka BUZZ SAW, 1990 (use of electronics, including cellular
phone systems, national television and radio to creat and control large
population segments);
Project HAARP, 1995, (mass population control through electromagnetic
resonant induction);

When I was a graduate student at University of Manitoba I used to have lunch
with a grad student from Psych. The Psych-Zoo building had been built with
funds from a grant from the Canadian Defense Research Board and the fifth
floor was accessible only by special key and it housed the labs of John
Zubec who had been involved in sensory-deprivation and other forms of
research related to interrogation techniques (we did not know that at the
time). Well this grad student told me that there was a 24-7 armed RCMP guard
on the fifth floor, that sutdents were being given credits for participating
in experiments dealing not only with sensory deprivation in general, but
also succeptibility to pain, pain thresholds, malleability etc as  functions
of different forms and levels of sensory deprivation. I passed this
information on of course, and soon we had student demonstrations against
Zubec on a regular basis. We got a hold of the "Compton Report" which is a
report by "Lord Compton" on British interrogation techniques in Northern
Ireland, that cited, over and over, John Zubec as having provided the
theoretical foundations for these torture techniques. Later, that same grad
student told me about use of microwaves etc to experiment for possible
synapse-jamming capabilities on a mass level. Before all of that was
exposed, John Zubec committed suicide in August of 1974. One of his close
friends, a guy I had for Cell Biology told me that he considered me as the
chief culprit responsible for Zubec's suicide and that I had better not be a
Biology major in his department; I told him that I was flattered but could
not take "credit" for what was Zubec's choice--or perhaps someone elses.

These weapons are real, they do exist, and have been used.

Jim C.

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