Truman on Germany and the Soviet Union

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I have read in the last couple of days on some e-mail message that I cannot
now find a reference to Truman saying in 1941 something like "If Germany is
winning we should support Russia; if Russia is winning we should support
Germany; let them fight it  out and kill each other....."

Can anyone give me chapter and verse for this?

Oddly a statement along those lines was the subject of the first letter I
had published in the press, at age 16, in opposition to the statement of a
local Tory (Conservative) Councillor.  [I really must consult the archives
to seek the detail of this]. Winston Churchill, of course, was not so
stupid - he immediately sought for an alliance with the Soviet Union
(supposedly to run for 30 years - but that did not outlast the "Truman
Doctrine") while the American Government continued to sit on the sidelines
while their war industry made vast profits by selling war materials to both
sides (admittedly by lease-lend to Britain - 50 war-out old destroyers in
return for bases in the Caribbean [and Diego Carcia? - or did that come
later] but they quickly demanded their money back after VE-day) until the
reality of war was brought (just a little bit) nearer to the USA by the
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour at the end of the year.  [Of course
lease-lend to both Britain and the USSR after 1941 included vast numbers of
Sherman tanks, which were highly welcome, despite the fact that although the
Sherman had the latest synchromesh gear boxes instead of the crash greaboxes
of British and Russian tanks - but although the turret traverse was
hydraulically-controlled, the  main gun was essentially a "pea-shooter"
compared to the German 77-mm - and the tank had a high profile which made
its turret an easy target for the German Panzers and anti-tank guns.]

But Blair and Co. keep ranting on about the "special relationship" with
USA - while it should be obvious to everyone that the only thing important
to Bush and Co. about the relationship with Britain - is that is their
biggest "aircraft carrier" adjacent to Europe.

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