Dixie Chicks opposed to war with Iraq

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Sun Mar 16 14:52:54 MST 2003

I must look into the historical development of C&W music.
Woody Guthrie's contry folk music predated Nashville commercialism.
What popular commercialized music genre could be said to be MOST white?
Could such general perceptions of the part of the public lead to
certain racist associations with the genre, both from within as
positive and from without as negative?  Could that, over the years,
produce a more ossified condition?
What part of the population does this music appeal to?
I.e., what class?
Have there been progessive voices in the genre?
What happened/s to them?
Do forces of repression against such voices emanate from commercial
interests, directly or tangentially?

I plan to look deeper into this because C&W does happen to be one of
the most listened-to genres.  It would be stupid of us to dismiss it.
But I'll have to wait for when I have more time.

I think that for Dixiettes the die is caste [sic].
She expressed herself, apologized for saying it,
but left unsaid whether she still believed what she said...

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